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Originally Posted by LEAD View Post
Thats good, I hadn't heard of those problems with these rounds. I was also think that at this velocity the "petals" may peel back too far becoming more or less the same diameter that they started.

Hopfully I will be able to test GD, DT, Ranger T and HST soon and come up with a definitive conclusion.

If you notice on the GDs the hollowpoint is very shallow, probly to avoid over expansion I havn't recieve any of the others to compare yet (in commute), but I assume they are deeper cavities.
those are the 4 rounds i really wanted to see results on. if you could perform the tests that would be awesome. videos and pictures of each test would be even better.

i don't have any hst in 357 yet but those and rangers tend to have deeper hp cavities than the GD in other calibers. DT is supposed to be using GD bullets in their rounds so those two should be the same.
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