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Originally Posted by LEAD View Post
Are you saying that HSTs have areputation for fragmentation and jacket separation? Thats how I read it. I have some coming, and I'll have to test that for you by shooting some covered water jugs or if im feeling rich maybe Ill shoot some gel. If someone has beaten me to it let me know and save me some time.
no exactly the opposite. HST's reputation is one of 100% weight retention and lack of jacket separation even through hard barriers. i'm curious to see if they maintain those characteristics at the high velocities of 357 SIG rounds. i haven't been able to find any ballistics testing or results of the HSTs in this caliber. i wish i had enough property to do the tests myself, but unfortunately don't.

i made an attempt to organize this kind of testing by another GT member who does awesome videos and consistent tests and asked for contributions of various 357 SIG loads. there haven't been many members who have displayed any interest in donating their SD rounds for the testing though. if you are interested let me know.
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