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Originally Posted by Bluecard View Post
I just picked up my 4th gen today from GT Distributors here in Austin, TX. Anyone know what the trigger pull is measured at? This feels much heavier than the 5.5lb. Haven't shot it yet. I could barely get it out of the office. All of the other officers kept asking to buy it!
The Gen 4 has had the grip pushed in (vs. the Gen 3) & uses a modified trigger housing... much like the G-21sf. I have been wondering if that would make the trigger pull heavier.

All sf models I have ever held seem to have a much heavier pull than the comparable non-sf models. I believe that the modified housing tilts the connector back a few degrees... making a 5# connector work more like an 8# one. A Glock armorer told me that was not the case, but I have my mind made up & don't want to be confused with facts!

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