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About a miss fire!

About a .22 miss fire!

As I have always been kind of rotten, some things I have done, have been not nice!

One of the shooters in my gun club, (in Toronto) was Armenian, had a very big nose (I have been known to comment about that fact, I said I was not nice) so one day he got very serious, "Mike, please do not make jokes about my nose anymore, it really bothers me" I gave him my promise to not do so!

In shooting a .22 rapid fire string in a match, up goes his hand, miss fire, alibi is called, as RO I go over to check out the reason, a great big dent in the rim, a definite allowed alibi! I threw the round down "Not allowed" He followed me back to the timer, "Mike look at this hit?" "Eddy, when your nose gets stuck in the breach, it is not allowed!"

That was the last joke, I promise.
Keep Safe.
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