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Originally Posted by AmeriGlo View Post
Tall Pine,

The Gen 4 comes standard as 'small'. The 'small' is permanent. You can add a 'medium' or 'large' backstrap on top of the factory small.

I put on my medium backstrap in about 30 seconds today. Disassemble tool included works OK. The tool is used to drift out the housing pin (and to put in the replacement pin).
I agree and thats what I explained in my post. I used the term small backstrap were you used the term medium backstrap.

With no backstraps, the grip is said to be smaller than it is now, like an SF frame would be to a G30. Adding the medium (or as I wrote "small") backstrap would bring the grip equal to what it is now. So in essence the Gen 4 should yield a grip size smaller, the same, and larger than what the grip is now on the G17 & G22.
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