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Originally Posted by tlhfirelion View Post
As I look for info on the 4th generation of 9mm, I cannot find the specs on the grip size, specifically the width from side to side and front to back.
The way I read it from those that held the gen4 is that the standard Gen4 G17 grip without any of the backstraps installed will be the equivelent of a SF grip, even though there is no SF grip for the 9mms. So I interpret that to mean that the stock gen4 grip with no backstraps will be 3mm shorter from front to back than what the G17 grip is now. Most people notice the decrease in the trigger reach, i.e. how much finger will rest on the trigger. Short fingers/small hands might like the possibilities here.

Installing the "small" backstrap is thought to be bringing the grip back to what the G17 grip is now.

Installing the "large" backstrap is thought to be bringing the grip to equal the larger frame 10mms and 45s full size grips (ie slightly bigger than what the G17 is now).

Thats about all the rumour I can contribute.

You can look on Glock website to get most of these dimensions on these various current models.
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