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Originally Posted by Scouse View Post
Calibre is not the problem, placement is, and putting bullets into a well built mans torso, he died, but it took a while. If no vital organs were hit, he still would not have died in a hurry. No matter what he had been shot with.
I seen the aftermath of an old lady armed with a .25 vs two robbers. Bad guys knocked at the door and pushed the old lady in the house. Both were armed with knives. The lady reached for her pistol that she kept in a drawer when the guys demanded money. When we got there, one guy was dead on the floor, one bullet hole between the left nipple and the sternum and one square in the forehead. The other guy took two in the chest, but he gave up and sat down on a chair. The guy on the floor was dumb enough to charge the old lady and I'm certain he died pretty quick.

The guy on the chair dropped his knife and surrendered as soon as he was hit. The lady actually gave the guy a rag for his wound, a glass of water, an ashtray and cigarette to smoke. I always found that part odd. Here are two Bad guys about ready to kill Grandma for money and she went into bad ass gun slinger mode, then when the dust settle, she went back to nice grandma mode.
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