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Originally Posted by jdeere_man View Post
O watch out! Those can become addicting. I made the mistake of buying two, which permitted them to multiply like rabbits. I now have 16 snub nose j-frames, one of which gets put in my pocket a lot. The 340PD. The majority of the rest of them rarely see the light of day. I'm not exactly sure why I have most of them.

The 442 is a great choice. That was the first one I intended to purchase, it's a story, but I ended up with the 642. I only ended up with the 340PD later because it was too good a deal to pass up. I wouldn't pay full price for a 340PD, but the 442 is worth every penny. Hogue makes a grip which has the same boot profile as the stock Uncle Mikes, but the Hogue is nicer by far.
How does the 442, 642, and the 340 PD handle the 158 grain LSWCHP +P? Or do you carry jacketed loads?
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