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Originally Posted by Duece McCracken View Post
The zombie uprising...

Well despite owning a glock 20 and being all about 10mm, when the zombies come I'm switching to 9mm. It is alot easier to acquire ammo than 10 mm, lol. Capacity is a concern as well, and a 9mm to the skull from 10 feet is plenty effective. I would haul the G20 around for living person defense though. As a primary long arm, most likely an AR15. Gotta stick to the common calibers. .45 ACP, 9mm, .223, possibly 12 gauge. Shotguns tend to be too slow with reloading, but make a great melee weapon in between. Most households have 12 gauge shells laying around.

Do I have a Zombie plan? What would ever give you that idea...
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