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Had both myself. I really like STI and still have my STI Lawman (great 1911), also STI is Texas born & bred and so I am. That being said I have the base S&W model 5" 1911 (108285) and I think it is a much better 1911 than the Spartan I had. The Spartan was solidly built but had two issues which I did not care for.

1. Too tight, I thought my Baer was tight, this thing made it look like a WWII production gun! Maybe not that much difference but the Spartan was too tight for my liking.
2. Thumb safety snapped right in half during use. Not a huge deal but it was not really under any excess stress when it occurred.

The Spartan is as stated not a true STI in reality but still a very nice 1911, I just prefer the S&W. I am not really concerned about the EE as it works perfectly, S&W did it right on the EE. The FPS does not bother me either.

Not sure if you could go wrong with either but I vote S&W.
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