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STI spartan or SW for first 1911

I am looking to get my first 1911. Looking for something in the $600-900 range. I have been looking hard at the SW 1911's,and held a DK model at a gunshop and it was a better fit and finish than had originally thought. The feedback on SW has been good on this forum. What does the Doug Koenig model offer over the standard model. I know it had an upgraded mag well and squared trigger, but what about the other internals. I can beat all the prices on gunbroker for on the DK model.

I also have this little thought that I should get the STI spartan and add/build some upgraded parts later...what do you experienced guys think? How close is the STI spartan to the SW, and what does the DK model add to the equation besides looking great . I have searched this forum through and through and have come down to these models.

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