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Originally Posted by txbonds View Post
You're saying series 1 is better build?

So other than the firing pin safety being tied to the grip safety, it's similar but with maybe better build quality?

I'm not sure if I over paid for it or not, but got it with the box, rosewood grips, manual, 1 kimber mag, and crimson trace grips for $999. Night sights still glow, but could probably be brighter. My way of thinking was that if you took away $200 for laser grips, it meant paying about $799 for the pistol itself which I thought made sense.

Oh yes, and I weighed it on the kitchen scale and it comes in at 27.25 oz without mag, and 29.5 with empty mag.
Assuming the pistol is in good operating conditions, that is a very good deal, actually a great deal. Kimber was not doing quite as much volume back then and their QC problems have risen considerably since the Series II's have been in production. There was even an ill fated attempt to switch to external extractors, which thankfully Kimber has abandoned.
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