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Originally Posted by chuckman View Post
I will get flamed for this, but having been in EMS for 15 years and a corpsman with the Marines for almost that long, the only thing that an advanced provider can do to save lives is provide an advanced airway, and even that is not a priority in trauma in a tactical environment. Really, in trauma, saving lives is about stopping the bleeding...everything else comes in second. IVs don't save lives. ET intubation doesn't save lives. Stopping the bleeding saves lives. EMT basic is just fine for a tactical environment.
I don't think there is much flaming done in the FF/EMS forum. Would you rather have someone with 15 yrs actual field experience or someone who had a class sometime and never worked in the field? That's my biggest point. They don't generally take a new PD officer straight from the academy and put him on SWAT. A place like So Cal has hundreds(or thousands) of people trained and working in EMS. In an world of limited funding it makes more sense to me to utilize existing resources where possible.

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