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Originally Posted by M1Garand View Post
My understanding is that these tactical EMT-Basic will operate as part of law enforcement operations, such as high risk SWAT arrest and search warrants, search and rescue, disaster management, mass casualty situations, and critical incidents. Although these medics are not higher-level providers, but they may be the only medics inside the tactical perimeters such as high school shootings. Better a EMT-B medic than none. I guess.
I will get flamed for this, but having been in EMS for 15 years and a corpsman with the Marines for almost that long, the only thing that an advanced provider can do to save lives is provide an advanced airway, and even that is not a priority in trauma in a tactical environment. Really, in trauma, saving lives is about stopping the bleeding...everything else comes in second. IVs don't save lives. ET intubation doesn't save lives. Stopping the bleeding saves lives. EMT basic is just fine for a tactical environment.
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