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Lt. Col. Jim Kennedy
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Pathetic POTUS

I spent too much time in combat in jungles and on mountains fighting enemies of this country to even give this Islamic socialist who isn't even eligible to be President the time of day. (I was going to say to give him something else but I'm trying to keep this post clean.)

My weapons sergeant on my A team in Vietnam won the Medal of Honor posthumously doing even more than I could do for America so even the thought of BHO in the White House makes me sick especially when he bows to some of the scum of the earth rulers who hate America and then also apologizes for it.

Yeah, I'm bitter and clinging to my Glock, shotguns, rifles and a Bible. Yes, Janet Nepolitano, I guess that along with my 22 years in the Army makes me a right wing terrorist. But just show me the birth certificate rather than spending a million dollars keeping it hidden.

Jim Kennedy
Lt. Col. US Army, Special Forces, Retired
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