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Quality to be president?

What might those qualities be? I would suggest as a minimum
  • Honesty
  • Best interest in the country
  • Believer in the founding documents
  • Patriot
  • Wisdom
  • The gift of insight
  • Awareness of our enemies intentions
  • A heart for the people above self or party
  • Knowledge of history
I do not see BHO as having an abundance of any of these things. Now that he is president, it seems to me honesty is out along with the best interst of the country. He has said the founding documents are flawed. His interest does not seem to put america first. In fact his so called Pastor has repeatedly said GD America. He has little insight into our enemies. Oh, and he has visited all 57 states.

It is said a democracy gets what it deserves. I do not know if that is true. But I know this, he is definelty - based on his voting patterns - against the 2nd amendment.

There must be a hero out there somewhere who does not assocatie with marxists, does not want to backrupt the country and has our best interest at heart.

Vote brothers vote.
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