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Originally Posted by Zonny View Post
I'd sing you a lullaby but when my son was 4, he used to say, "please don't sing to me Mommy."
Originally Posted by 23skidoo View Post
I'm sorry you couldn't sleep Miss Lone_.
Hi Zonny!

Go ahead and sing to me. And maybe some sweet guy like 23skidoo can hold me and rock me to sleep. I'll bet that would do the trick.

Originally Posted by Nicko View Post
Not really sure what the flower was in the last pic I sent, I just think the animated stuff is really cool. Hope you enjoy. : wavey:
That's cute!

Originally Posted by Glock26girl View Post

A sweet story about being needed...

I read this and was thinking about it Sunday while I was in church and off and on ever since then. We all need to be needed. As much as I need all of you that are here in my life right now, I also need to be needed. Maybe to give some of you a little inspiration, maybe just to need each of you and let you know that you are needed. I also think that idea of being needed was part of my decision to go back into the Army after being out over 20 years. And when I was approached and asked if I would do a tour in Afghanistan all the person making the request had to say was ďYou have a skill that we really need there right nowĒ. Then the same thing when my unit needed someone to go install and configure some equipment. They were supposed to just send up the equipment and have someone there install it, then configure it remotely, but thatís always had problems so they needed someone who could do the configuration onsite. ďOh and it would be great if we had someone who could also train the people there that will be using itĒ. Well guess who was the only person certified to both administer and train?......

It does feel good to be needed. Iíve done other things like flood and hurricane relief work just because of the good feeling it gives. One of the best feelings I ever had was when I was able to gather up several complete computer systems to send town to a town in Mississippi that was destroyed by Katrina. The person receiving them on behalf of the town had tears in her eyes as she told me they would be set up to allow people to get online to contact family and let them know they were OK. Itís funny, but Iím kind of selfish, doing things like that because it makes ME feel good. Why do I matter in a circumstance like that?

BTW, Reagan is so beautiful!

Originally Posted by RottnJP View Post
LW, it sounds like the part that scares you the most is the part where someone else could have chosen to quit, and your 5% or 10% wouldn't have been enough to pull you through on your own.
And I don't have a better answer for that then the insane/beautiful thing that is the human experience. Fact is, we depend on other people to do right by us, to some degree, every day. Anyone who has been out under the knife for some complex surgery has had that experience in which their survival depended on someone else doing their job well. Every time we hit the highway our survival depends on a combination of our defensive driving and everyone else's driving skills.

At some point, it would drive us nuts to think of all the things that someone else could do to punch our ticket, though, and you just have to trust that "The universe is unfolding as it should." You do the best you can with the things that are within your "sphere of control" and let the other things take care of themselves.

Probably easier to say that to do, however... : supergrin:
Could have chosen to quit of could have failed even with their best effort. I think that hits on a very good point. Because many medics would have quit or not had enough skill to do what I needed. Iíve never had a big problem with trusting people to do what they should do or know how to do. Iíve never been too bad about trusting most people not to do a negative, like the driver next to me swerve into my lane. Thatís not to say Iím not watchful, but Iíve had the same ďThe universe is unfolding as it shouldĒ thought many times in my life. Iím not sure how I really feel about it all yet, if it really scares me or not. Iím just not sure how I feel about having come so close, besides still a bit stunned by the realization. A part is like ďOh well, so what if I had diedĒ. Thereís the belief or hope that I would have gone to a better place than where I am and thatís nothing to fear. But knowing me I might go to Hell, who knows.

My shrink was pressing me a bit about how I feel about it all and I told her Iím still sorting all that out. Iíve finally accepted that it all happened, so thatís part of it. I know Iíve been pushing this part aside and refusing to think about it, but I canít help but wonder what right I have to be here and happy when another soldier died needlessly. Iím trying not to think about that for as long as I can so I donít have to feel it. At least part of me just wants to be glad I survived.
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