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Originally Posted by techno97 View Post
I CONCUR WITH TRICK PONY! Though I started shooting approximately half-a-year ago, I've already placed in almost all shoots/competitions I participate in with my Glock 21SF. In fact, I shoot better with the same than my Glock 35 due to various reasons related primarily with gripping. Though I still have to actually win a match and emerge as its champion, contrary to being told that I am at a disadvantage against the 1911s at standard level - the fact that I usually rank amongst the top five and given the fact that I'm but a more-or-less 6 month proves otherwise.
Look here, pup.. I own both Glocks and 1911s. I like both of them. Both are excellent weapons for any real world use.. I prefer the Glock for survival use but I doubt you would want to go toe to toe with a 1911 in an expert's hands
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