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Okay guys, here it is: the proposed outline for the BOG Code of Conduct along with the names of proposed writers:

Section 1

A) The Higher Standard of Care --- mikey177

B) The Four Rules of Gun Safety --- EyeCutter

C) The Rules of Concealed Carry --- Saruman

D) The Elements of Self Defense --- mikey177
in the Philippine Setting

Section 2

A) General Conduct --- chinagirl/batangueno

B) Conduct Among BOG Members --- ppts799

C) Conduct on the Shooting Range --- homogenizer

D) Conduct on --- Alexii

Section 3

A) What To Do In a Checkpoint --- millenium88

B) What To Do If You Survived a Gunfight --- ???????

As you can see, the Code will be very straightforward and concise. For the nominated writers, whatever you can share will be greatly appreciated by the group. The group will then evaluate the contents of your contribution during our next non-shoot meet before finalizing the Code. Please forward your contributions to the Secretary or to me for compilation.

At this point, please feel free to add more inputs/proposals to the outline. Thanks, fellow BOGs-- stay safe.

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