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Originally Posted by Taykaim View Post
It's funny you mention those, (and I like your phrase for them) deep forest chemists. Its a different world here (Georgia) than where I grew up (west of the Rockies). The lack of long range visibility is something I'm still not used to after a decade in the east. The dogs were a potential threat I didn't really anticipate, the slight possibility of running into some hostile two legged animals was on my radar as a slight but possible problem. We didn't see any of that, but from stories I've heard from some friends around town, you go on enough hunting trips in new places and you're almost bound to find a pot farm or meth lab nestled away in some backwoods area.

Yep. I have lived out west all my life. I got a few realitives in Tennesse (sp), got tons of land there. I hunt with them there from time to time while on a family visit, and in all this stuff that looks a tiny bit like Nam. I don't like it frankly, I like to 'see'. Meth labs abounding. Pot farms, you bet.

But, so it is in good old West Texas as well.
You can pretty much chalk it up to this. The times we are in now, and the way things are in these days we are in. You will begin to discover more and more of this going on, becuse folks are making more money with this, than they can with their ranches and livestock etc. Even what I would call, "good folks," sometimes turn to things like this 'out of fear' of losing everything. It's wrong, real wrong, but a sad fact none the less.

Keep your guns clean boys !

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