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We used to have around 400 of these on the place. Market went south. Now down to just Four, for "makin bacon." ha.

These sows and boars aren't wild of course, but will bite the dickens outta ya 'sometimes' just to be doin something. The "late Bud," seen behind the big sow, came in more handy than a gun. Ha. We think a rattler finally got him. He disapeared one day and that was that.

Shoot, i carry a side arm all the time on the place here, or in the mountains, whatever. But it is not for fear of animal attacks. I never worry about that where ever I am. I/we use it out here for rattlers, and if need be on a lion, or to put down livestock with a broke leg, or such. In the rockies, when there, I still carry a side arm, the same old Ruger Vaquero or Black Hawk with heavy cast bullets. If i need it i got it, but have "never had to use it" in all these years against a raging anything. More concerned now a days about deep forest chemist. (guys who run meth labs or pot fields). ha.

I do agree, that with guys stomping around hunting birds and such, and armed with shotguns, I truly see no worry about hog attacks, or any attacks. I have personally never had that happen, or known of anyone it has happened to.

I'd be more concerned about Dick Chaney showing up !

I do not agree, that a man can put a "limit" on just a couple of ways an attack can happen though. Things can happen, 'just cause they do' sometimes.

Well, I didn't add much, so I'll ride outta here.

Stay safe everyone.

You boy's saddled this bronc, now let's see if you can ride it.

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