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Thanks for the replies folks. The information was helpful. I went with the more familiar G17 with a loadout of +P+ 147 FMJs. As expected, I had no call to use it, and at the same time didn't regret having it. Never fear, for those so inclined I'm sure there will be many more things to pass judgment on in this post as well.

We had a great time out there. We got a bunch of squirrels but saw no other small game. We were not hunting with dogs (at least, we didn't bring any along). No boars or bear were seen, but we did have a run in with a group of dogs that made us nervous. They seemed like they might have been feral. They didn't attack but their pack behavior and body language toward us was just short of being threatening. They were clearly not especially wary of us. Things got tense when they broke into two groups and tried to flank us. If it had been my land, we'd have put them down. I don't like the idea of packs of wild dogs. However, the WMA land we were on bordered private property, so we couldn't be sure they weren't poorly cared for pets.

It was a great time though, and while I would have loved to have gotten a chance at a boar, or some rabbits, the squirrels were surprisingly tasty (my first time trying them). It was fun, and in retrospect I wish I had tried hunting years ago. For some reason I grew up with the idea that hunting trips were always highly expensive and involved jumping through many hoops to acquire the licenses and such. It was a fun intro to another way to have fun shooting.
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