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Originally Posted by DJ Niner View Post
So, there's two ways, and ONLY two ways, to hunt hogs. Check. I'm sure that will surprise the folks that have taken them in other ways, but hey, the expert has spoken.

Got it. Again, only two possibilities to chose from. Good thing we don't have to worry about "attacks" from wounded animals anymore, or critters running away from one hunter but toward another. Thanks for clearing that up.

You're right, I don't hunt hogs, but from the quality of your pronouncements, I wonder if you do, either.

The original poster did not ask for a self-appointed expert to pass judgment on his reasons for carrying a backup gun; he asked for reasons why one of his options might be better than the other. If you can't respond to a thread on-topic, move on to the next one or start your own.


My comments were not meant to be all encompassing. Just prime examples of the reach some will take to rationalize a need to carry a handgun. And yes I hunt hogs frequently, and in my years of hunting them I have NEVER heard of an unprovoked hog attacking a hunter.

And from the early posts in the thread it was obvious that some posters including you had never hunted hogs. To someone who does frequently it was actually humorous.

The rationalization you guys are using is almost funny. If you want to carry a handgun while hunting, carry it. there is no need to make up far out life threatening scenarios to make it OK.

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