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Originally Posted by Jonesee View Post
Hunt pigs much?

They are either hunted by dogs or from a blind and usually over bait to make them come in so you can get a shot.
So, there's two ways, and ONLY two ways, to hunt hogs. Check. I'm sure that will surprise the folks that have taken them in other ways, but hey, the expert has spoken.

Hogs don't attack unless cornered or you seperate a mother from her young.
Got it. Again, only two possibilities to chose from. Good thing we don't have to worry about "attacks" from wounded animals anymore, or critters running away from one hunter but toward another. Thanks for clearing that up.

If you hunted hogs much, or at all, you would know that.

But if you need to rationalize a reason to carry I guess hogs can be it. Heck, carry something big so you can protect yourself from rampaging elephants too.
You're right, I don't hunt hogs, but from the quality of your pronouncements, I wonder if you do, either.

The original poster did not ask for a self-appointed expert to pass judgment on his reasons for carrying a backup gun; he asked for reasons why one of his options might be better than the other. If you can't respond to a thread on-topic, move on to the next one or start your own.


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