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shotgun hunting and backup handgun question.

So, I'm going hunting for small game this weekend. Just for fun with some friends who do some hunting. I do a lot of competition pistol shooting and the occasional HPR match, but shotguns have always been a tactical tool for me rather than a hunting weapon.

That said, I will be using my Remington 870 express with bird shot for the squirrels and rabbits we are after, and a few slugs for the feral pigs we aren't after, but will consider taking opportunistically should we run across one.

They warned me to bring a backup pistol (which I would have anyway, given that my carry permit allows it regardless of hunting season, and its just a habit at this point).

My main choices are:
my carry gun, G17, with my normal 147 jhp's 1050 fps
my Taurus 357 7 shot revolver, 158 JHP's never chronoed it.

The dilemma is this:
I shoot a whole lot with my 17, and use it at the range or competition 3-4 times a week.

I shoot with the revolver perhaps 3 times a year.

The 357 JHP's are surely more powerful than the 9mm bullets, of that there is no need to discuss. We are *not* handgun hunting, so I consider it a given that the main reason my carry gun would see any use is if an aggressive hog or even more unlikely black bear tries to bag his limit in humans. That said, I am seeking opinions on whether or not the higher per-bullet power/penetration, but lower training, and ammo capacity make it worth bringing the more powerful handgun on this hunt?

I consider myself pretty ignorant when it comes to what I think is referred to as terminal performance of handgun ammo on animals. So while my comfort level says bring the G17, if those 9mms will be wholly ineffective, then it seems I should bring the wheelgun despite the drawbacks.

Advice is appreciated, personal experience appreciated more.

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