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Originally Posted by Magnus2131 View Post
See there, that's one life you affected already. So glad to have you around yet.
I'm glad to have folks like you around too. back

Originally Posted by Buki192327 View Post
LW, sweetie, you are having positive affects on other peoples lives, and making progress with you own life. It is great to hear that you are making progress. All of us on here know that you can and will whip this problem.

You just keep fighting the good fight, and we will try to give you all the support, that you need. You can win this.

I am sure, that we can find another stuffed kitty, if you need or want one.
I can tell I’m making progress in recent days. I’ve been off all the drugs for a couple weeks that I was reacting so badly to and getting sleep every other night. It may be forced sleep, but that doesn’t seem to matter. I don’t get so exhausted that I feel defeated nearly as much. I’m really tired now because I couldn’t sleep at all last night, but I know in a little while that will change. Having the narcotics and anti-depressants out of my system is letting me start to see things clearer too. For the past several months I knew the pills were wreaking havoc with me, but didn’t realize just how badly. Now I think I should belt the docs who just kept making me take them even though I had a few really bad reactions even before the one that landed me in the hospital this last time. I think I’m finally going to turn the corner on these demons and start to win the battle. I don’t expect it to be easy or happen overnight, and the nightmares haven't let up yet, but I’m not giving up. The prayers and moral support I get here is really making a difference.

I don’t need another kitty, at least not yet. Mandy’s my baby and even though I’ve already matted her poor fur with saltwater she’s special to me. I didn’t mind loaning her on a night I was going to be out like a light anyway, the smile on that girl’s face was worth it.
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