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Originally Posted by Lone_Wolfe View Post
Well it seems that sleep isn't happening, at least for now, so I think I'll pass along my little Mandy's first story. Besides the saltwater that I've already gotten on her fur that is.....

Last night I went to the clinic for my bi-nightly (or is it semi-nightly?) knockout. I got there and ready a bit early and was walking around feeling a bit agitated. I saw a young soldier in the room next to mine who had badly broken her arm and shoulder. I walked in to say something to her with Mandy tucked under one arm. That girl never even looked at me, she just fixated on my kitty and whimpered “I love cats”. I handed my kitty over and I thought Mandy was going to have to get new stuffing the girl squeezed so hard with one arm. I checked with the medic and found out she wasn’t leaving until the next day so I told her I would leave Mandy with her for the night. The medic assured me I would get her back in the morning.

This morning after I wake up and am checked over and allowed to walk around I went into the girl’s room and she’s sound asleep with Mandy hugged tightly in her good arm. I didn’t have the heart to wake her so I picked up a book and sat there reading for a while. When she finally woke up she thanked me and handed over my kitty, but not before she planted about 50 kisses on her little face.

I swear Mandy had a little smile on her face when I left the clinic with her……
Thank you for sharing that story. I'm glad Mandy is a 'goodwill' ambassador.

Until you said she was leaving tomorrow I was just about to buy another one
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