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Originally Posted by Silent_Runner View Post
It's turning into too many days since I heard from her.

Originally Posted by Magnus2131 View Post
LW, where are you today? Hope your doing ok.

Iím still among the living folks. Thatís a good thingÖ.. I think. As to why I disappeared for almost a week, well, Iíll just say it wasnít planned. Iíve spent most of the past week in Lost and Found at the base hospital.

The pushers (docs) here have had me on various combos of anti-depressants, pain pill and sleep aids for months. Most of the pills theyíve given me didnít like me at all and certainly didnít like each other. So combine yet another reaction to the meds and the fact that I was getting maybe 3 hours sleep on a good night due to the nightmares and I was losing touch with reality.

Long story short in the early morning hours of what I think was Thursday I found myself at the hospital. The doc decided to sedate me so I could detox from all the pills and finally get some rest. Yep, I was drugged to get me off drugsÖ. Go figure. But now Iím off the happy pills and the narcotic pain and sleep pills. I still have those damn nightmares hanging around, but hopefully I can deal with them a little better without all the crap in my system making them worse. And at least for the moment Iím well rested. Weíll see how long that lasts.

I truly appreciate your continued prayers. Iím doing my best to live up to them.

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