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Drafting the BOG Code of Conduct

Hello fellow BOGs--

It was discussed somewhere in the main thread the proposal of the BOG Code of Conduct but it was unintentionally buried by other topics so I opened a new thread for the discussion of the Code's draft.

I think it's imperative to come up with a Code that will guide us in these critical times when most non-shooters consider us shooters as potential homicidal maniacs. The "higher standard of care" (excellently explained by Mikey177) is a good springboard for this Code.

We'll keep the Code short and revise/update it as it becomes necessary. I suggest we stick to what it is called, i.e. purely about conduct. We can come up with manuals about Defensive Shooting at a later time.

Every member has a say on what or what shouldn't be included. Moreover, every proposed statement is up for discussion/debate by any member. At least 2/3 of the group present in a meeting should agree with what are to be included in the Code.

These are all suggestions at this point. Tell me what you all think about this and please share your insights.
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