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Originally Posted by Maninmirror View Post
Are you sure your being unfair to some of the sponsors doing this? I mean making it a sticky. Just asking.
If there is a sponsor that needs to be on the list tell me and I will add it to the category.

Originally Posted by Maninmirror View Post
Another thing I am basically new to forum stuff and semi-new to online ordering. With Google I have managed to find all this stuff myself. Or you ask. Like start a thread
I doubt that you found all of these suppliers when you googled a particular part. That is the point, some stuff does not show up on google. Could you imagine re-inventing math because someone didn't want to help you learn it?

Originally Posted by Maninmirror View Post
I'm not so sure doing this research yourself isn't part of the dues a new reloader needs to pay.
This is for buying parts and books for the craft, it has nothing to do with learning the craft. It only provides a list of where people can purchase what they need.

Originally Posted by Maninmirror View Post
It's a nice gesture but it can also be your competition to get something you've been waiting and waiting for.

Part of why we as Americans are in the Economic mess we are in has to do with not knowing how to do something on our own. Like use your Brain. Don't get me wrong I surely don't mind helping someone out when they ask. But let them ask.

What's next. Offering to place the order for them? Or doing a sticky on how to find any product for that manner.
To answer your question, Yes at some point there will be the magical place where you don't have to leave your house to buy things. It will be so easy that people will not even take the time to look at what their buy or what it costs and just buy stuff. Yes I will place the order for people too, and I will charge a service fee, maybe I will call it the lazy tax.

Do you have something against the advertisements on the sides of this web page? There actually trying to sell stuff. The list at the top of this thread does not advertise anything. It lists where you can find stuff from places that have been listed by other members on this forum. It does not mean that somebody wont have to open each one of those websites up and check to see if something they need is in stock. It doesn't buy it for them. They still have to look up what they need and compare prices. This is the reloading forum, this thread helps people find websites that sell reloading equipment.

I just think your idea helps no-one but the lazy person. Don't we have enough free-loaders already.
Maybe it helps the people who need it. Like I said above it doesn't take the research out of it. It doesn't make them buy anything. It makes it easier to find what they are looking for. Instead of having to sort through which website sells what on google, its sorted here.

I am sure this will offend some of you. I am not trying to do that. It's just where do you end it. Should there be a Holster sticky a handgun sticky a blackrifle sticky tactical clothes stick . Just saying
Then why would you post something if you think it might offend them?

There is a holster stickie.

Its handy. It helps people find holsters with out having to go to every gun show (not that going to every gun show it bad).
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