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Originally Posted by Kansas Cockshutt View Post

I think it is great to share links and sources, who knows, you might stumble accross a new one and it will turn out to be better then the old reliable you have always used!
I didn't say I was opposed to it. I am a newbie myself. Just read his opening sentence. In short it says I am wasting to much time so who can do this for me. Nothing wrong with that. what's wrong is you taking one sentence of what I wrote and making it seem as though that's all I said. That's what the media does. Twists the facts. I don't mind helping I just think it should be a thread you can't just join and use right away. Like some other forums. You have to wait awhile before selling or something.Part of being a good reloader is research research research. I don't like seeing a thread that starts out. Good load for 45 ACP. That's scary. Besides part of whats fun about figuring something out on your own is figuring it out. Granted I asked myself. But not before I look first. Help is great. Doing it all for someone else builds nothing but Lazy people.

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