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Originally Posted by Lone_Wolfe View Post
Actually Russ it's brought a tear to my eye several times over. This last several weeks have been the worst for me in terms of the nightmares and the demons in my head. It's gotted to the point I've just wanted to give up sometimes. I don't know how okie knew, but somehow he did and started this thread when I needed the moral support and prayers more than ever. You people have been a real blessing to me.
That okie dude, is a pretty smart fella!!

LW, sweetie, you CANNNOT GIVE UP!!! If you give up, you will not be able to go on tour. I would not be able to give you the that I owe you, okie would not be able to give you the that he owes you, and you would miss out on all of the free beer. Sweetie, there are a lot of people that want to meet you and THANK YOU, personally for what you have done, for us. YOU keep your spirits up, and know that a lot of us are praying for your continued recovery, safety and well being, and will continue to do so.

LW, you have been a real blessing for us. Prayers for you and all of your brothers and sisters in arms.

Originally Posted by Silent_Runner View Post

Just kidding Buki192327. Lone_Wolfe and I have been real world friends for almost 20 years. If I do stick a needle in her it would contain something to help her, never to hurt her.

I'll even give her guns back someday. That is after I torment Zombie Steve with my nice shiney Python.
Silent_Runner, I figured from some of the posts, that you 2 were real good friends. I knew that you would never do anything to hurt Lone_Wolfe. You 2 remind me of myself and a real good friend (old WWII vet), close to 40 years. We jab the needle at each other, just to keep each other going. It is so great when friends can do that.

I just want to know, who is going to chaffeur LW around the country, when she goes on her tour?
:crying:Too soon Old, Too late smart:wow:

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