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Originally Posted by Bumpadrum View Post
Dear Lone_Wolfe,

I don't post much but I must let you know you are my hero.
God bless you for your service and sacrifice. Thank God for body armor.
I am a praying man and I have asked, and will continue to ask The Lord for your full recovery and safe return to a most grateful nation.

To many here you are an inspiration. As someone with membership in the same club (moph) I can tell you that it will get better. You have lots of support here and there is no reason to let your circumstances get you down. You are a great American! Go with God.



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Hi Bumpadrum, thank you for your comments and prayers.

I agree about the body armor, I'd be worm food without it. I almost got to that be anyway. I always thought if the armor did it's job I would just end up with some broken ribs and bruises. Boy was I wrong!

It was easy to tell from reading your post that you've been through something like, even if you hadn't mentioned your PH. Most people don't understand so well the psychological aspect quite like we can. I hope and pray that you were able to make a complete recovery.

I thank and salute you!
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To those who have made the ultimate sacrifice while defending American freedom, you will not be forgotten.

RIP my friends Greg and Florence, see you again on the other side.
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