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Originally Posted by Lone_Wolfe View Post
I was just wondering, where were you that there were no women?
BFE....I'll tell ya all about it when you come to SA for a beer or 10...Our COP was about the size of a small (think pre super days_) Wal-Mart. There was our Scout section, some ODA guys, some Canadian artillery guys, and the medics that were attached to us...There was nothing else within 100km that even resembled a FOB....Every once in a while the CA people would come through and we'd catch a glimpse of the mythical caucasion female...
There's one less tornado in Texas, a saddle is empty tonight...There's one hell of a cowboy in heaven, at the big rodeo in the sky. RIP LCpl Blake Wafford, Spc. Devon Gibbons, PFC Dean Bright, SSg Brian Craig. In the field we had a code of honor: you watch my back, I watch yours. Back here there's NOTHING.
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