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Originally Posted by Lone_Wolfe View Post
Hi Steve and everyone. I sure wish I had a place to put a still. I could damn sure use a beer or 20 about now. Might not mix too well with all the meds I'm on right now though. But then it might "enhance" thier effects...

It's really good to see all of you too.

I actually come around here quite a bit, but almost never feel like talking even though I really miss you folks too. I know that may not make any sense at all, it doesn't to me either but that's what happens. Guess that's the nature of this sort of thing, seeing everything through a haze of pain. Makes my sense of humor go AWOL most of the time.

I wouldn't even have said this much if okie hadn't started this thread and Silent Runner hadn't showed it to me. And thank you everyone again for the thoughts and prayers. It really does help.
Go find some medics....ask them for a Bombay IV.....not that I have ever, would ever, or know anyone who has ever or would ever violate GO1, however...if one was of the mind, empty IV bags could be filled with Vodka and or Gin and shipped over with your gear.... There are still a few PAs in the Army that realize every now and then a good stiff drink is what someone needs..
There's one less tornado in Texas, a saddle is empty tonight...There's one hell of a cowboy in heaven, at the big rodeo in the sky. RIP LCpl Blake Wafford, Spc. Devon Gibbons, PFC Dean Bright, SSg Brian Craig. In the field we had a code of honor: you watch my back, I watch yours. Back here there's NOTHING.
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