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Originally Posted by Lone_Wolfe View Post
If you folks want a prime example of Military Intelligence here’s one for you…. I had minor surgery on my ankle yesterday morning early. But here's the rub... Last week I had a couple things happen that aggravated my chest injury real bad. So when I tried to use crutches I couldn't. lol But they didn't even want to consider that before fixing the ankle. Luckily I can move around a bit today with just the brace on. A very little bit, but I can get to the ****ter with only 1 person helping.

You just got to laugh……

Yep a prime example of military intelligence. Or the obvious lack thereof.

They just won't be satisfied will they?

No I don't have to laugh.
On here I'm an *** hole.
In real life I'm an *** hole with a gun. :supergrin:
Originally Posted by Lone_Wolfe
I mean, I’m mentally ill, not mentally deficient! There's a difference between psycho and stupid.
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