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Originally Posted by NateHodge View Post
I see she is "on the road to recovery in Iraq". Is she ok? What happened?

Lone_Wolfe, whatever it is that's got ya at less than 100%, I am praying for your speedy recovery!

I finally emailed her the link so she should come here soon. As to what happened I didn't answer at first because I wasn't sure what she posted about this and wanted to respect her privacy. But I did a search and found these posts from various threads explaining it;

Originally Posted by Lone_Wolfe View Post
Last December I stopped a round from an AK-47 at close range with my issued body armor. Bullet hit me very center of the chest and the damage it did almost did kill me. I'm still recovering.

When I was hit it took me about 20-30 seconds to black out. During that time I figured I was done for.
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Ahh, but that's the best part of a relationship....the feelings of worthlessness and guilt, the narcotic induced mood swings...the randomly breaking **** in the house because of both of the above...

Let's not forget the suicidal thoughts,the sleepless nights, the waking up screaming and crying from the nightmares.....
And I'm living proof that you don't need a spouse to have all of this and more........
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I'm going to tell you what happened to me because you should consider the possibility that something like it could happen to you;
I re-enlisted in 06, got called up active in 07, deployed in 08. I was sent to Afghanistan where I was in a convoy that was ambushed. I was injured, one person killed trying to get to me to help me. My injuries are still healing, slowly and I'm dealing with a lot of guilt and PTSD issues because of this.
I didn't tell you this to deter you, but to make sure you and your family are ready for the reality that something very bad could happen to you. Whatever you choose I wish you only the best.
This is old news but her physical and psychological recovery have been slow and painful. If you are so inclined please pray for her and all our other soldiers overseas.
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I mean, Iím mentally ill, not mentally deficient! There's a difference between psycho and stupid.
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