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Added December 18, 2010
This thread has gotten very long and newcomers coming in here may not know what it is about. For that reason I am quoting an accounting of what happened to Lone_Wolfe here. She told it in the third person here in this post and I have permission to do copy it here.

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Sgt Wolfe was at base in Afghanistan and needed to get to a remote base with some computer equipment she was sent to install and configure. She went to the flight line (a sandy clearing) on the morning she was supposed to fly, and waited for the choppers while BS’ing with some others at the base. Finally an E-4 walks over and tells the group that one of the birds had mechanical trouble and was deadlined. The next flight was a few days out. Wolfe grumbled a few choice words and started to take her duffel bag and IBA back to the tent she’d been staying in. A Captain walked up and asked what base Wolfe needed to go to and when she told him he said that if might be possible to send her by convoy. Wolfe explained that she was expressly prohibited from using ground trans. She thought about it for a second and decided to call her commander in Bagram and ask if it would be OK. She got permission to use a secure line and made the call. The first person she asked, the Major, said no, but she asked to speak to the Colonel and was surprised when he relented.

Wolfe reported this back to the Captain who told her to hang around and he would see if he could send the convoy. Wolfe went into the nearest tent that had a coffee pot and made some fresh coffee and waited for the word. A bit later the Cpt walks in and says it’s a go. About then a few more people walk in and pour themselves some liquid ambition. Someone that Wolfe had seen but not spoken to walks up and says “Hi, I’m hitching a ride on your convoy!” Wolfe looks at the senior NCO and thinks he’s nice looking and says “Cool! Which ‘RAP will you be riding in?” Greg answers “Most likely the 2nd one, same as you”. Wolfe says “Even cooler!”, and the 2 walk outside to the staging area to wait and yak.

The convoy team starts to assemble and the convoy commander comes over and identifies himself. While he’s standing there a medic with a cigarette dangling from his mouth walks over. Greg asks if he’s going to be the medic for the convoy and he says he is. Wolfe says “Well, nice to meet you, I don’t intend to need your services” The medic seems arrogant and says “Good, I only slept 3 hours last night and I don’t want to do ****!” as he walks off. The convoy commander says that he’s a real jerk, but by far the best medic in the unit, and has had a lot of training beyond what the Army provides.
Sgt Wolfe, Greg, and another E-6 get more coffee and go hang around by Wolfe’s equipment waiting as the convoy crew readies the vehicles. A couple soldiers come for Wolfe’s 2 cases of equipment and she asks for them to be put on the same vehicle that she’ll be in. They’re not big and the vehicles will be mostly empty so that’s easily accommodated. Finally the convoy commander calls the safety briefing, then tells us we’ll be mounting up in about a half hour. Wolfe goes and gets a sandwich, then it’s time to mount up and roll.

The E-6 that had been talking to Greg and Wolfe bids them a good trip and goes off to do his thing, and everyone climbs in and the convoy rolls out. Wolfe and Greg are in the 2nd of 3 MRAP’s and the sit next to each other in the mostly empty vehicle BS’ing and talking like old friends. It’s a bumpy ride over dirt roads that were planned by goat farmers. The first couple hours of the trip are uneventful.
All of a sudden a loud explosion rocks the 2nd MRAP and it stops. The vehicle design did its job well and no one inside was hurt, although some ears may have been singed by the cloud of cuss words that formed inside. After everyone calmed down and determined that no one was hurt Wolfe and Greg congratulated each other on the rich vocabularies each used when referring to the citizens of Afghanistan. The driver tried unsuccessfully to get the MRAP moving again, and the convoy commander radio that info to the other vehicles. The gunners up top kept watch but couldn’t see anyone around, then the convoy commander ordered the guard force (grunts) to get out and form a perimeter around the vehicles. Instructions were radioed back and forth, then the convoy commander explained to Wolfe and Greg that on his command they were to run to a group of large rocks between the 2 vehicles, then wait for the command to run to the 3rd vehicle and get in.
They both locked and loaded, Greg his pistol, Wolfe her rifle, and ran when told to do so. Greg went 1st, Wolfe a few feet behind. Unknown to anyone there were 2 Afghanis behind some rocks behind the 3rd MRAP, about 50 or so feet from where Greg and Wolfe were running. They both jumped up from behind the cover and opened fire in the direction of the 2 people running. Greg dove behind the rocks, but Wolfe was hit center of the chest by a round in the 1st volley. She was slammed backward and spun around by the force of impact and landed facing back toward the vehicle she had just left. The soldiers on guard and the gunners opened fire and plenty of bullets were traded. Wolfe lost consciousness after about half a minute.

This part I had to piece together based on what I’ve been told by several people. The times may be a little off, but everything else is correct.

Shortly after Wolfe was hit a 3rd Afghani started shooting from a position off to the side between the 2nd and 3rd MRAPs. He was closer to Wolfe and Greg’s location than the 1st 2 shooters and she had fallen out in the open. The fighting went on for another minute or so, and the 1st 2 shooters were eliminated, but the 3rd was staying down enough of the time that the gunners couldn’t take him out. The convoy commander had already stopped the medic from trying to get to Wolfe because he believed she couldn’t be helped. In spite of being close to the remaining Afghani, Greg decided to break cover and try to get to Wolfe to drag her back behind cover so the medic could try to save her. He ran toward her and the remaining shooter opened fire, hitting him several times. He went down and died before anyone could get to him. In shooting Greg the Afghani exposed enough of himself that the soldiers were able to kill him. As soon as the convoy commander declared the threat neutralized the medic ran to Greg, realized he was already gone, then ran to Wolfe and got busy.

OK, now back to what I remember.
Wolfe woke up after about a week, maybe a bit more and was told she was in Germany. Because of her injury she was kept heavily sedated to the point she didn’t even try to move and her memory of the 1st month or so in the hospital is hazy and spotty at best. She doesn’t remember when she heard that SOMEONE died on the mission, but was told about 2 weeks after waking up that it had been Greg. She asked the person who told her that he had died how it happened and was told an untrue story that she suspected even then was false. She didn’t find out the truth until a couple months later.
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