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Originally Posted by BigKid View Post
He is urinating more. I do keep water down for him all the time, is this wrong? I've kept food to regular intervals but I have kept a water bowl (which he drinks a lot) down all the time.
Yeah, let's ease up on the water. Offer it at feeding time and after walks/long play sessions. Dog's don't need access to water 24/7 like most people think. I mean, do you? Remember food and water are resources. If you control the resources, you control the situation and that is what dominance in the animal world means.

Plus less water in = less pee out!

Originally Posted by BigKid View Post
This reminds me of a question (they are addicting). How much crate time is too much crate time? I am fortunate to have a job in which I can bring him to work with me (which I do the majority of the time). But when I get home, sometimes I just want down time without having to chase down a puppy (I know it kind of sounds bad when I type it out) especially if he has been with me all day at work. He is too young to play unsupervised in the backyard and too young to play unsupervised in the house which leaves me with 2 options. Crate him or supervise him until bed time. I dont want to overuse the crate. Though I know that its a happy place for him, I dont want him to get to a point in which it ceases to be a happy place becuase he is there all the time.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with feeling that way, even parents have baby sitters!

During the day I would try to keep the kennel time to a minimum. If he sleeps in there, that is fine, but since you said he seems to need to go to the bathroom every few hours, let that be your guide.

My suggestion is to get an(some) old baby gate(s) somewhere and gate off a non carpeted/puppy proofed portion of your house. That way he has some room to romp around while you take an hour or so to wind down and relax. You just have to get comfortable with the fact that if he has an accident in there, all you can do is clean it up and forget about it.

But, trust me, once you start putting the pieces together, he's going to be a joy to be around. Stay in there man!!

Originally Posted by BigKid View Post
Thanks for all your help Blinky. I can read all the books I want but to have a live person to talk with and bounce ideas off of is a great asset. I really appreciate it.
Not a problem, this is something that I really care about and enjoy doing.
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