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Originally Posted by Blinky View Post
This actually reminds me of something that I forgot in my first post. His he urinating more or is it both? If it is more urinating, do you have water available for him at all times?
He is urinating more. I do keep water down for him all the time, is this wrong? I've kept food to regular intervals but I have kept a water bowl (which he drinks a lot) down all the time.

Originally Posted by Blinky View Post
Remember one thing though, it's less about the tools then it is about the person using them. When working with him, you need to be in the right mindset. That means you have to be, to steal from Cesar Millan, calm and assertive. The moment you start to get frustrated, end the session ASAP and take your focus off of the dog. When you get frustrated everything you do will no effect besides exciting your dog and further frustrating you.
This reminds me of a question (they are addicting). How much crate time is too much crate time? I am fortunate to have a job in which I can bring him to work with me (which I do the majority of the time). But when I get home, sometimes I just want down time without having to chase down a puppy (I know it kind of sounds bad when I type it out) especially if he has been with me all day at work. He is too young to play unsupervised in the backyard and too young to play unsupervised in the house which leaves me with 2 options. Crate him or supervise him until bed time. I dont want to overuse the crate. Though I know that its a happy place for him, I dont want him to get to a point in which it ceases to be a happy place becuase he is there all the time.

Originally Posted by Blinky View Post
Since he you did get him at that young age, you do have a little bit of an up hill battle here, but if you are able to relax and work though it (it seems that you are) you'll have a great reward waiting for you in a true friend!
Thanks for all your help Blinky. I can read all the books I want but to have a live person to talk with and bounce ideas off of is a great asset. I really appreciate it.
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