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Originally Posted by Blinky View Post

Third, Can you think of anything that would link the accidents together? Is he excited? Are you excited? Is it before or after you do an activity? Is it before he gets fed? etc...

and also, you broke the cardinal rule! We need pics of the little guy!!
To emphasize this advice. My Missy is just over 7 months old, and 65 lbs. She will give the signs she needs to go out side. We will be out back sometimes she finds her spot and goes, other times she will just look at me like OK now what?

So I will throw her ball several times. Usually about the 3rd to 4th throw she will go to the ball, stop, sniff and then pee a couple of feet away forgetting all about the ball. I will retrieve it and after 3 to 4 more throws she might all of a sudden forget about the ball again as she squats to poop.

It is all a matter of how bad she needs to go and what other distractions might be around, but it seems like the excitement of chasing the ball breaks everything free. One of her socialization playmates (about 4 months old) pees almost every time they get together. DANCE, DANCE, PEE, Dance in the pee as she strains on her leash with one thing on her mind. PLAY PLAY PLAY.

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Missy 7 1/2 Months old"></a>
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