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Hey Blinky. Thanks for keeping up this thread. I found it last week and started reading from the beginning. I hadn't realized G20 had past away until I came upon your post. After reading his countless posts I felt as if I had lost a personal friend myself. I am very sorry for your loss as I can tell you two got real close during the course of this thread.

On to my dog. I have a 10 week old GSD. I got him at a day before his 6th birthday because 1. I didnt know better so that was my fault, and 2. the breeder fed me a line. He told me that the puppies were weined at 4 weeks so he said it was ok to seperate them from mom so young. So I took his advice and took the puppy home. I know now that his socialization suffered because of it. So i have been trying to socialize him on my own which seems to be working pretty well. He is very well adjusted. My question is housetraining related. He has learned sit, down, and we are currently working with stay. He picked those up REALLY fast. He isn't 100% reliable yet because his attentin span is pretty small, but he is really doing well. The housetraining is not going so well. I've been tethering him like you guys recommend and it works in minimizing the accidents but mostly because I am quicker at catching him before he actually has an accident. When he gets outside he absolutely knows the grass is where he needs to go potty. Soon as he gets to the grass, he is going. But he doenst seem to understand that he ISN'T suppose to go in the house. I've had him for 4 weeks and its still not really sinking in. Should I remain patient with him in hopes he will get it or should I try something different? My current methods are:

1. Crate training (which went well. He still gets a little whiney when I leave the room but that only lasts for about 15 seconds and then he settles in).
2. I take him out every 2 hours on the hour. I take him out 30 minutes after eating (630am, 1230pm, 630pm). And i take him out whenever he looks like he is going to make a mess (or after he has started making a mess if i wasn't quick enough).
3. I praise like mad when he goes on the grass and if he goes in the house i use a stern NO but i do not hit or correct further. (prior to this thread I wasn't reacting at all to going in the house. I was praising when he went outside and then ignoring the behavior inside other then rushing himside if he was in the act).

I am worried I am expecting too much out of him being that he is still only 10 weeks old. But i feel like as intelligent as he is he should be getting it and fear that I am confusing him or just not doing something right. He did have round worms that we have treated him for, I am not sure if that has anything to do with it, but I have been working closely with my vet and my pup is very healthy otherwise.

Again, thank you for keeping this thread going. Mike would be proud.
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