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Originally Posted by kcb View Post
I assume you are a Marine...or former Marine.

You have Great taste in music...for a Marine!

(Daddy-Navy; Hubby-Army)

Swing and a miss, kiddo! Actually, I was Air Force ~ you know, the branch with brains ... or was it brians?

I really should have an asteric next to devldogs, which is a (hockey/New Jersey Devils) nickname given to me by well-meaning hockey-loving, but Devils-hating friends (see pages, 154 & 155 of the 'Three Word Thread' in the GNC Forum). My avatar (D-Day +5), is a pic taken well before 1980 --pause & a grin -- showing a forlorn GI carrying a dead German's M-34, in which sits a puppy ... the cycle of life and the futility of war all wrapped up in one timeless shot ... no pun intended.

Here's a link to the photo:

Back to music, with apologies to everyone for turning this into a, 'Everything you really didn't care to know about me' thread ...

Favorite pianist ...

With Michael W. Smith ...

Back in 1999, Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant were invited to the Columbine HS memorial service a few days after the shootings and I'll never forget when the two of them sang. Michael W. Smith was a conduit straight from heaven and Amy Grant, well, it may as well have been Metallica singing.

This one's for you, Karen:
In einer welt der kompromisse, gibt es noch maenner, die keine machen ...
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