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Originally Posted by devldogs View Post
You're welcome KGB .... err, Kcb.

Hopefully, I won't get thrown off the forum for being such a hog on this thread ... I'm forever lending or burning cds to/for friends, as I get a lot of miles out of sharing music. Music was the one and sadly, only constant between my Dad and myself and well, though he's gone, his love of music certainly lives on ...

Winan's seamlessly-smooth sense of urgeny and Koz's sax put this cover over the top:
Call me Karen if that's easier!

I love music, too! So did my late "daddy".

I studied piano for 10 years...the other night I was "blue" about something that I'm dealing with in my life right now. When I spoke to my mom, she said..."Honey, go play the piano. You'll feel better!" Of course, she prayed with me first! That's always first in my family! Daddy loved to listen to me play...way back then. I am REALLY rusty now, though.

I love the music you've shared! I'd love to have a CD of much of the music that has been posted on this music thread recently!


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