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Originally Posted by WaGlock View Post
I cant for the life of me figure out why more people don't go to west coast armory!! this week I visited ben's in renton, wades in bellevue and west coast armory in issaquah... WC had by far the friendliest staff and WAAAAYyyy cheap prices on glocks 499 for any non .45 base model...the asshat unhelpful gougers at wades were charging 599!! WTF.

anyway, picked myself up a glock 27 and few parts for my AR build! they are stocked to the ceilings with black rifles and super fair prices.
1. Because I didn't even know they existed.

2. $499 for a standard glock is still too much unless you are buying more than 1 per year. The GSSF discount applies once a year now.
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