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Originally Posted by DepChief View Post
This place is dead tonight!! I am going to bed early tonight, it's Memorial Day weekend and I have to work tomorrow. Supposed to be perfect weather this weekend so the beach is gonna be PACKED, which means we are going to be BUSY!!!
I hope you and Kirby have a great weekend and get some time to relax.
It REALLY is! (Dead!) It's almost ALWAYS that way anymore!

We are having FLOODS here! We will getting time to relax for sure.

We are watching the news now...people north and at the coast are flooding and there is more rain to come. The shelters are almost full.

The saddest part of all is that insurance companies have been pulling out of Florida....State Farm was going to pull out completely. BUT we were just notified that they are going to keep us. They ARE however cancelling all polices for those that live in the coastal areas.

Volusia County (Daytona Beach) is flooding bad right now...and many of these people are without insurance.

It is so sad!

Sorry you have to work! Hope it is an uneventful weekend and a safe weekend for you and all of the beach goers up there!


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