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Originally Posted by Cope's Distributing View Post
I have a pair of Rotts. My male is turning 3 years old. and is a good dog he listens really well. my female is getting ready to turn 2 and is a total wreck. When I bought her at 11 months she had been kept in a kennel her whole life and was so hyper. I have worked with her alot and she got better, but not much better. I can leave them both in the house and she will chew up everything. They will both go to the bathroom in my kitchen. I will take them out and let them run in my yard for about a hour and they play with my two sons who are 3 and 2. As soon as I let them both in they will use the bathroom on my kitchen floor again an again.

If I have my male in the house he will not do anything but act like a lap dog and my kids will ride him around the house. She is the same she will lay on my bed and and be a really good dog when it is only me and her.

But the down side to my female is that she hates men. she will act like a crazed dog and try to attak any one that comes near me or my kids. She is fine when she is around women but can not stand men.

Please PM me and let me know what you think i should do.
Two questions:

How is she on a walk?

Also, was she aggressive to men when you first got her, or did that come out later?
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