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Originally Posted by Zonny View Post
Not sure how to handle this so I thought I would pose the question here.

Two nights ago, I took my dog outside with me to walk a visiting friend to his vehicle. This is a frequent thing that my dog always thinks she needs to be a part of. Problem was, as soon as we made it out the front door, she spotted two cats in our yard (a rare thing) a took out after them. She ran ran across the street and was heading toward a busy street, I yelled, "NO!!!" and she stopped.

So here in lies the dilemma, how do I scold her when she did obey my command to stop?

Hopefully this won't happen again, I will be more cautious but she likes to come out front to collect the mail and so forth. I would like to think that she would not do this again but I'm not so sure.
Well, the "bad" news is that you can't scold her for anything. IF you try she'll assume that you're scolding her for obeying the "NO" command or have no idea why she is being scolded.

My advice at this point would be to keep the dog on leash and fasten the leash to yourself. That way you have access to some control. You can keep both hand free and basically ignore her until something like that happens again. She'll get the point eventually.
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