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Originally Posted by glockdad View Post
do you say no because of gun control or just the wrong person all together?
Obviously I don't speak for anyone else, but...

Gun control is the least of concerns with this guy. While gun control is a big deal for me, apologizing for the nation, bowing to Saudi kings, flushing the constitution in its entirety, unabashed socialism, spending trillions, interfering with the private sector, and buying into this "global community" nonsense all come long before gun control.

This was a pre-election question, but he's far worse than even I anticipated, and I thought I knew what we were in for.

Originally Posted by Lady Glock View Post
Do you have children?

If so, hope they enjoy paying for the debt that "President Obama" has bestowed on them. Hope their children and grandchildren enjoy it too.
I'd use this guy:

But this one is probably more appropriate:
...citizenship ain't what it used to be.
Your idea about the role of cops is totally different from the majority's, history's and the Constitution's.

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