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Hey guys, since G20 is no longer with us, I'm going to do step in and try to fill his shoes here. If you've posted a question and haven't received an answer I'll be coming in soon and giving you all the help I can.

Just some quick back ground on me, I've been volunteering at my local humane society for about 3 years now, working with the dogs there. I also have been doing in home consultations for clients for the past year or so. Most of my knowledge comes from my personal experiences dealing with dogs but I also have a vast library at home that contains books that deal with just about every training philosophy out there.

I generally go with a very natural approach to training. To me, that means using mother nature to your advantage and emphasizing the leader/follower relationship that must be clear in order to have a stable dog and a behaved pack.

That said, I do realize that each dog is different and each owner is different, and something that works for one dog may have to be modified slightly to work for you and your dog. So when asking a question giving me as much background as possible will go far in helping you to find a solution to your problems.

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